Our vision is to build a significant church in Loughborough that reaches out to all, seeing lives transformed with the power of God. 


p1000614Jesus had an amazing encounter with a woman at a well. We can read about it in John 4.

Jesus speaks to the woman about her life, about who he is and how he can give her living water that will satisfy her thirst. Through this encounter the woman’s life is changed, and she goes back to her town and tells everyone about Jesus. Because of her testimony many come to believe in Jesus.

At The Well Church Loughborough, we want to be a place where anyone can meet with Jesus.

Many people are thirsting after meaning in their life, and search for it in things which can only quench their thirst for a short time. We believe that Jesus is the Son of God, who knows all about us, just as he did the woman in the story. We believe that today, just as then, people can come to know Jesus, who is alive today, and in this relationship satisfy their thirst and find answers to life.



We are a community of all ages and all backgrounds with one thing in common – we love God. Community and relationship is at the heart of who we are. We want to build strong friendships with one another and encourage each other in our relationship with God. We meet every Sunday morning as a whole church and also in smaller groups across Loughborough during the week.


We love Loughborough, want to serve and bless the town, and reach out to people here and beyond with the message and hope of Jesus.

  • English Language School: Free classes every Tuesday morning during term time
  • Alpha: A course to explore the Christian faith
  • Acoustic nights and other socials: A place to invite friends
  • Compassion UK: Between us we sponsor & support over 20 children in Kenya
  • SOaR: SOaR go into Schools leading CU’s, Lessons, Outreach, and assemblies
  • Loughborough Churches Partnership: We work closely with other Churches in Loughborough


We believe Jesus transforms lives. We make space for the Holy Spirit to move and speak to us in our Sunday meetings. We believe that the Word of God can powerfully change us and we believe God can and does heal today.