Community Groups are a major part of life at The Well Church Loughborough. We have groups that meet at various times throughout the week.

Our groups have 3 main goals – Build Community, Make Disciples and Evangelism.

Build Community

Belonging to a church means being part of a community; so people at The Well Church belong by being part of a Community Group. Community Groups are where we build strong friendships, a family atmosphere and people support, love and encourage each other. You may not get to know everyone in the church but Community Groups are a great place to start!

Make Discipleship

The Great Commission is to make disciples “…teaching them to obey all that I have commanded you” (Mt 28v20). We want to deliberately teach everyone to obey Jesus and help them become more like Him, in character, gifting and service. We love seeing members of a Community group growing in love of Jesus, serving in church life and stepping out in new ways. This kind of up-close-and-personal discipleship is possible in a Community Group.


We want our Community Groups to reflect the “Go” of the Great Commission (Mt 28v19). So each Community Group is on a mission to win the lost and continually welcome in new people. Community Groups are encouraged to find creative ways to support each other in reaching their friends for Jesus.

Prayer Meetings

Once a month all Community Groups come together for a church prayer meeting; the engine room of the church. Please check our calendar for dates.

We have a variety of groups meeting at different times during the week and at weekends. To get connected to a group please contact the office.

Current Community Groups

Chris and Rachel – Various days and times

Keith and Denise – Wednesday Evenings, 7:30pm

Lydia and Jo – Thursday Evenings, 7:30pm

Ben and Toni – Thursday Evenings, 7:30pm

Ben – Thursday Evenings, 7:45pm

Tom and Naomi – Thursday Evenings, 7:30pm