1436 miles travelled so far!

Only 540 miles to go!

At the Well Church, we want the good news about Jesus to be heard all over the world.

As part of the Catalyst family of churches, we help support churches and church plants across the Middle East. 

As a means to focus our prayer on the Middle East, we’re encouraging the church to get moving and get praying! Whether you run on a treadmill, walk with a friend, or cycle to work, track and submit those miles and we’ll try to get the entire 2000 miles to the nearest part of the Middle East!

You can either pray as you go, or pray later. Prayer points for different countries in the Middle East will be appearing on our social media.

Please record the miles you’ve travelled here:

    Your Name

    How far did you travel?

    Anything else you want to tell us? What was your mode of transport?

    If you walk 1 mile with someone else, that’s 2 miles. So just enter – Me + friend 2 miles

    The route to the Middle East!

    A map showing our projected route. The blue line shows the 1979 miles of road between us and Istanbul. The red line is the same route as the crow flies!