I Believe – The Trinity

October 15, 2017

Keith continued our ‘I Believe’ Series, speaking from Genesis 1 and 18 on the Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. See below to listen

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I Believe – The Holy Spirit

October 8, 2017

Martin continued our ‘I Believe’ series, speaking from John 16:5-15 on The Holy Spirit. To view the notes, click here: 2017-10-09 I Believe Holy

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I Believe – Father of Creation

October 1, 2017

Martin kicked off our new series, ‘I Believe’ speaking on Father of Creation.

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September 24, 2017

Martin concluded our mini series – Build, Reach, Transform – speaking from Luke 4, he encouraged us that transformation is ongoing in us and throug

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September 17, 2017

Saul spoke from Luke 5, encouraging us to have eyes like Jesus – seeing through the veneer of life to the real need in people’s lives.

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September 10, 2017

Martin spoke from Matt 16, encouraging us to be ‘big people’ whose faith is built on strong foundations and who yield to God & one another.

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Let the children come to Jesus

September 3, 2017

Martin spoke from Matthew 19:13-15, encouraging us have a more child-like attitude in our faith & to help the children in our church to come to

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Daily Bread: Joy

August 13, 2017

Ben continued our Daily Bread series, speaking from James 1, he encouraged us to have pure joy in all situations, choosing to worship God.

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