As a church we support Valleys Family Church in Brynmawr, Wales.

It’s 138 miles to Brynmawr from Loughborough.

This week we want to challenge the church to walk 138 miles while praying for them!

You can walk on your own, with your family or with another individual from church.

Please record the miles you’ve walked here:

Your Name

How far did you prayer walk?

For example, if Tom walks a mile along with three people from his community group he would put in:

Tom + friends

4 miles

What should we pray for?

Each day of the Walk to Brynmawr, we will be praying through requests sent to us by Stuart Wheatman, pastor at Brynmawr.

Please see our social media for daily updates!

On Monday we’ll be praying for Youth and Children

On Tuesday we’ll be praying for Covid numbers to decrease.

On Wednesday we’ll be praying for their outreach work

On Thursday we’ll be praying for Social Connection

On Friday we’ll be praying for spiritual growth

On Saturday we’ll be praying for their leadership

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