The Catalyst Festival

Catalyst will be back in 2020!

Details to follow

Catalyst Festival happens every other year. It’s a great opportunity to take time out, spend four days together, get to know each other better, eat together, enjoy lots of fun activities that the festival will have to offer and of course join together with 4,000 others in what promises to be fantastic times of worship and teaching.

We’re so keen for people to come that we’re subsidising tickets for church members and people who are a regular part of community groups.

You can find full details of pricing and how to book in by clicking here.

If you’re a member of the church or regularly attend a community group, we’d really encourage you to make this a priority.

Below you can find answers to some FAQs. If you have any other questions, then do please feel free to speak to me.


Q. What is Catalyst?

A. The Well Church is part of a family of churches called Newfrontiers – there are around 800 churches involved around the world. Within that, there are a number of different leaders leading various groups of churches. The group of churches we belong to is led by Simon Holley (60 in the UK, more than that abroad) and called Catalyst.

Q. What is Catalyst festival?

A. The Catalyst festival is at Stoneleigh Park near Coventry and will be 4 days of gathering people from across these churches for a time of worship, teaching & vision to bless both this nation and the nations with the gospel. For more info, see the festival website which has the speaker line-up, handy hints & tips etc…

Q. If I go, and I’m part of The Well, I’m only paying a small amount. What’s the catch?

A. The only catch is that to only pay the small amount, you must confirm your booking by the price break dates. We’re committed to subsidising this through the regular church budget and a special offering in the Autumn. We can’t think of a better way to build community, equip us as a church and fuel faith for mission. The only other costs will be providing food for yourself.

Q. I don’t do camping! Is there any other accommodation?

A. There is an on-site hotel at Stoneleigh – our advice if you want to stay there is to book in quick. There are also plenty of hotels / B&Bs in the surrounding area and you will be able to come on-site each day.

Q. I’m a student – I want to come and feel part of the church but I know I’m going to have exams. Have you not thought about me?

A. Yes, we realise the timing is not ideal for students. However, any date would not be ideal for one group of people or another. As this is an event with camping, I’m sure you can appreciate that it needs to be held in the summer months. The fact it falls on a bank holiday is really helpful to those in the church who work and have limited holidays.

We also try to make plans to allow you to come Saturday-Monday morning or just for the day on Sunday so you can still feel part of things but still get back for exams. There are of course two other options – you’ve got plenty of notice, so get your revision done in advance! Or, bring your revision with you – Stoneleigh Park is a massive site and there is a room set aside for students wanting to revise.

Q. So, I don’t have a tent? Who will camp with who? What about food?

A. We will let you know all of these details in due course. There is still plenty of time before next year, so don’t panic! We have a few tents that people can borrow, it’ll be best to group together with some other people for food.

Q. I definitely want to come – how do I sign up?

A. We will be doing a group booking to make administration easier – so please do not sign up via the Catalyst website. Just give your name and money in to the office and we’ll do the rest. Any questions or queries with regards to your booking should go to If you sign up through the Catalyst website you will still be able to camp with us, but will pay full price.

Q. I have a boyfriend / girlfriend / friend who isn’t part of the church who wants to come. Can they come?

A. We’re committed to supporting anyone who considers The Well their home church in getting to Catalyst – either those who live in Loughborough permanently or students who consider The Well their church whilst at Uni. If others want to join us, and are considering whether they want to make The Well their home, we’re certain this event would help them do that. If others want to come that’s great, talk to Martin about how we might be able to help them join us at Catalyst.

Q. What if I want to cancel? Can I get a refund?

A. As the costs are being funded from the regular church budget, it is important that we steward the finances responsibly. If you need to pull out before a set date (to be decided), we can reclaim the amount in full minus a £15 administration fee for which we would ask you to cover the cost. After that, no refunds are available and we would ask you to cover the cost in full.