Worship & Prayer Meetings

Once a month, we come together for a time of extended worship & prayer. These meetings are the engine house of the church and are a really exciting opportunity to get behind what we’re doing as a church.

Community Groups

Community Groups are a major part of life at The Well Church Loughborough. We have groups that meet at various times throughout the week. All our groups have 3 main goals – Community, Discipleship and Evangelism. We have 3 different styles of community group, fulfilling these aims in different ways by connecting together, growing more like Jesus and reaching out to those around us.

Interest Communities
Gathering together around a shared interest.

Equipping Communities
Teaching or training for specific stages or circumstances.

Home Communities
Sharing life and applying Sunday teaching.

PRAY4 Groups

Last term, we connected fortnightly in small groups, of 3-6 people, to PRAY4 and encourage each other. Some people have continued to meet in these groups to share answered prayers, give personal prayer points, pray for each other and praise God for answered prayers.

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