Martin and his friend Booker pumping the water well in Malawi



We’re part of Newfrontiers, a family of around 1000 Churches in 80 nations.


Within Newfrontiers, we’re part of Catalyst, a network of churches passionate about making Jesus known through Spirit filled, Bible based, Mission focused churches.

Through Catalyst, we personally support Valleys Family Church in Brynmawr, a number of churches in the Middle East and our friends in Malawi.

Booker Banda, who died in 2022, was a great friend of The Well Church. Our friendship with Booker led to several visits to Malawi and him visiting us here. We’ve since been working with the team he set up, who serve churches across Malawi and will continue to visit and support the leaders there. Also, we have helped provide 5 “Well Church Wells” so far in Malawi – boreholes transforming rural communities in conjunction with church planting.

Evangelical Alliance

We are members of the Evangelical Alliance, a movement of Christians and churches around the country who are passionate about changing our communities with the good news of Jesus Christ. Additionally, we gain access to great resources whilst supporting the EA’s trusted voice into society, seeing it changed for Him.

Loughborough Churches Partnership

We’re active members of the Loughborough Churches Partnership. This involves joining annual gatherings and supporting cross church projects.

The SOaR Project

We’re involved with the SOaR Project’s aim to reach children and families for Jesus. The main way the SOaR Project works is through schools and mission work across North Leicestershire.


Many church members are involved in child sponsorship through Compassion UK. Compassion UK focus on releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name, through partnership with local churches in 25 developing countries.

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