A group of our students celebrating together at the end of term.


The Well Church has people of all ages and backgrounds, and students are key for this.
Our students are fully involved in church life. We love to see you grow, serve and play your part in the wider family. We also run student specific events to equip students for this unique season of life.

Spring Term 2024

We run student socials, worship, teaching evenings and student equipping days throughout the year. This is what’s going on this term, we’d love you to join in!

We also have lunch for students every Sunday after our morning meeting! Come along, we’d love to meet you.

Our Student Vision

Have a look at the video below for a sneak preview of what it’s like to be a student at our church…

What former students have said:

God always feels so present at The Well and his spirit visibly moving and spurring us on to good works whenever we would meet together.” (Dom Mitchell, Youth Leader)

“Well church was genuine and authentic… a million percent committed to God in humility and trust.”

(Ciaran Buttress, former student)

“When I came to Loughborough, I was keen to find a church where I could continue to grow in my faith, and to be supported in my relationship with God. What I found at The Well was a family, who encouraged me to grow in my gifts, pointed me to Jesus day-by-day, and walked with me through challenges I could not have forseen at the start of Uni. I am frequently thankful for the things I learned during those years of my life, and I continue to apply those lessons as I serve my new church and grow in my career. Many of my deepest friendships came through The Well, so even years after leaving Loughborough, the church continues to help me to walk with Jesus.”

(Matt Brydon, Engineer at Rolls-Royce)

Meet with Us

We would love to include you in our student events and our wider church community groups. We also love to meet for a coffee, so get in touch with us here.

Join us on Sunday mornings at Charnwood College for 10:30am.

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