Church family gathering for a picnic in a Loughborough park


Why “The Well Church”?

Jesus had an amazing encounter with a woman at a well recorded in John 4.

Despite their differences, Jesus offered the woman “living water” that would change her forever and connect her to God. Her transformation led to many in her village following Jesus too.

At The Well Church, we’ve been changed by this same Jesus so we want to be a place where anyone can meet with Jesus – whoever they are and whatever they’ve done.

So our vision is to build a significant church in Loughborough, to reach out to all people and see lives transformed by the power of God.

A few ways that we aim to see this vision come to life in Loughborough is by:


We are a community of all ages and all backgrounds with one thing in common – we love Jesus. Community and relationship are the heart of who we are, building strong friendships to encourage each other in our lives with God. We meet together on Sundays and throughout the week in smaller community groups to build each other up.


We love Loughborough. Our aim is to serve and bless the town, and reach out to people here and beyond with the love and message of Jesus.

We run several social action projects; an English Language School and a Toddler Church called Glow. Through the Loughborough Churches Partnership, we work with other churches to reach the town. We partner with other local Christians and through the Catalyst Network we reach out across the world.


Jesus transforms lives. We make space for the Holy Spirit to move and speak to us when we gather together. We believe that the Word of God can powerfully change us and we believe God can and does heal today. During our meetings, we make space to pray for each other and seek God, knowing that He is the one who changes lives.

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